A special type of sections with free positioning
of elements programmed with designers in mind
Max — CTO Flexbe
"We've added some features
of professional graphics editors and managed to save the key benefit of Flexbe: its ease of use"
Stack elements over each other 
and manage the order of layers.
Layers and overlapping
Position elements with
a pixel-perfect precision.
Distance between elements
You can position elements from any corner. This  makes full-screen sections look  awesome on all devices.
Element binding
It allows to keep padding  within buttons and avoid auto-transferring of words.
Auto width
You can move all section elements freely, resize and rotate them.
As in graphics editors
Get to know the grid and guides
Set up your own SVG images
More than 100 shapes
Apply effects
New element:
8 oz
10 oz
11 oz
A wide range of lemonades made of seasonal fruits and berries
Bruschetta with ricotta, poached egg,  avocado and arugula
Buttermilk pancakes served with cream cheese and fresh berries
To add an element, right-click 
the mouse in any free space 
of the section.
Also available in standard sections
Kate — Product Designer
"Free sections give countless opportunities to create unique sites with sophisticated design"
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